News letter


March 2024
No. 86: This features the following two articles: (1) Interview with Mr. Masahiro Isomae, Chair of the Consultative Group for Promoting Modernization of Japan’s Tuna Fisheries; (2) Prospect for 2024 meetings of tuna regional fisheries management organizations


December 2023
No. 85: This features the following four articles: (1) Results of the ICCAT annual meeting; (2) Results of the WCPFC annual meeting; (3) translations of two articles from OPRT Japanese Newsletter No. 123 (“Announcing the mibyo effect of selenoneine – Increase your longevity genes with dark-colored tuna meat!” and “Turn waste longline into a resource – agreement concluded between amu Co., Ltd. and Hokkatsu”)
July 2023
No. 84: This issue features the OPRT policy on bycatch issues adopted at its General Meeting on June 15
April 2023
No. 83: This issue features translations of three articles from OPRT Japanese Newsletter No. 119 : (1) Interview with Mr. Mitsuo Chiba, a trainer for new crew members who board distant-water tuna long line fishing vessels ; (2) Negotiation for a new UN agreement on biodiversity is completed; (3) Results of ICCAT Panel 1 Intersessional Meeting
February 2023
No. 82: This issue features “OPRT Seminar on the management strategy evaluation for Atlantic bluefin tuna” and “Prospect for 2023 meetings of regional fisheries management organizations”.


September 2022
No. 81: This issue features translations of three articles featured in OPRT Japanese Newsletter No. 115 : (1) Conversion of discarded fishing gear into future resources ; (2) Panama and 14 other Parties submit a proposal to CITES COP19 to list shark species including blue shark in Appendix II ; and (3) Antioxidation effects of selenoneine in tunas on human beings confirmed.
July 2022
No. 80: This issue features “OPRT adopted a resolution on labor issues at its General Meeting on June 21.”
May 2022
No. 79: This issue features translations of two short articles on bluefin tuna written by Dr. Ziro Suzuki (tuna biologist). The original of the first article will be included in OPRT Japanese Newsletter No. 114.
January 2022
No. 78: This issue features“OPRT Seminar on NOAA’s Report to Congress on International Fisheries held in November.”


November 2021
No. 77: This issue features "October 10 is the Day of Tuna” Campaign 2021″ and “Problems in farming of Atlantic bluefin tuna.”く
October 2021
No. 76: This issue features “Forced labor issues attracting more international attention” and “Mystery of Atlantic bluefin tuna migration.”
September 2021
No.75: This isse features “OPRT Seminar on IUU held in March 2021”, and “New traceability scheme for fishery products in Japan.”
February/March 2021
No. 73/74: This issue features “Dates and venues/modes for annual meetings of t-RFMOs in 2021, and respective major issues need to be settled immediately”, "“October 10 is the Day of Tuna" Campaign 2020", ”Toyosu year's first auction 2021" and "A private railway in Shizuoka prefecture tries to attract more visitors to the Shimizu Port area by offering a variety of package tickets"


March 2020
No. 72: This issue features “Can purse seine fisheries targeting skipjack co-exist with the sustainability of bigeye stocks?”
February 2020
No. 70/71: This issue features “ICCAT 2019 annual meeting”, "WCPFC 2019 annual meeting", "IOTC 2019 Scientific Committee", ""October 10 is the Day of Tuna" Campaign 2019", "Toyosu year's first auction 2020" and "Dates and venues for annual meetings of t-RFMOs in 2020, and respective major issues"


July 2019
No. 69: This issue features "IATTC 94th meeting", "CITES COP18 rescheduled", "OPRT Membership Meeting", "Toyosu trip to observe tuna auctions for representatives of OPRT Member Associations", "OPRT Seminar June 11, 2019" and "Dates and Venues for RFMO's Annual meetings for the remainder of 2019"
March 2019
No. 67/68: This issue features “CITES COP18”, "IATTC Workshop on Age and Growth of Bigeye and Yellowfin Tunas in the Pacific Ocean", "Jiro's Eye", "Toyosu auction" and "Dates and Venues for 5 t-RFMOs Annual Meetings in 2019"


December 2018
No. 66: This issue features "WCPFC", "ICCAT annual meeting" and "OPRT Campaign"
October 2018
No. 65: This issue features "ICCAT SCRS", "IATTC", "Seafood Expo", "Toyosu Market" and "Schedule"
February 2018
No. 63/64: This issue features "The IMO Number Scheme to be extended to cover fishing vessels smaller than 100 GT. RFMOS urged to utilize it, as soon as possible", "ICCAT", "WCPFC", "WCPO Bigeye", "Tsukiji auction", "Toyosu Market", "Misaki Tuna Market", "Tuna Flamenco" and "Dates and Venues for RFMO's Annual meetings in 2018"