OPRT Newsletter

No.81 SEPTEMBER 2022
This issue features translations of three articles featured in OPRT Japanese Newsletter No. 115 : (1) Conversion of discarded fishing gear into future resources ; (2) Panama and 14 other Parties submit a proposal to CITES COP19 to list shark species including blue shark in Appendix II ; and (3) Antioxidation effects of selenoneine in tunas on human beings confirmed. >>more

No.80 JUJY 2022
This issue features “OPRT adopted a resolution on labor issues at its General Meeting on June 21.” >>more

No.79 MAY 2022
This issue features translations of two short articles on bluefin tuna written by Dr. Ziro Suzuki (tuna biologist). The original of the first article will be included in OPRT Japanese Newsletter No. 114. >>more

No.78 JANUARY 2022
Articles include “OPRT Seminar on NOAA’s Report to Congress on International Fisheries held in November.” >>more

No.77 NOVEMBER 2021
Articles include “ “October 10 is the Day of Tuna” Campaign 2021″ and “Problems in farming of Atlantic bluefin tuna.” >>more

No.76 OCTOBER 2021
Articles include “Forced labor issues attracting more international attention” and “Mystery of Atlantic bluefin tuna migration.” >>more

No.75 SEPTEMBER 2021
Articles include “OPRT Seminar on IUU held in March 2021”, and “New traceability scheme for fishery products in Japan.” >>more

No.73_74 FEBRUARY/MARCH 2021
Articles include “Dates and venues/modes for annual meetings of t-RFMOs in 2021, and respective major issues need to be settled immediately”, and so on. >>more

No.72 MARCH 2020
Articles include “Can purse seine fisheries targeting skipjack co-exist with the sustainability of bigeye stocks?”, and so on. >>more

No.70_71 FEBRUARY 2020
Articles include “Progress was made for tropical tuna measures including reduced TAC for bigeye tuna at the 2019 Annual Meeting but many elements including measure for yellowfin tuna conservation remain undecided and need further deliberations and determinations.”, and so on. >>more

No.69 JULY 2019
Articles include “The 94th Meeting of IATTC is urged to seriously consider IATTC Staff’s advice and to adopt effective measures without delay, in order to cope with the recent increase in FAD setting by purse seiners in the EPO.”, and so on. >>more

No.67_68 MARCH 2019
Articles include “Parties to CITES are urged to fully respect the assessments by the FAO Advisory Expert Panel for commercially-exploited aquatic species to be dealt with at CoP18”, and so on. >>more

No.66 DECEMBER 2018
Articles include “The OPRT reiterates its urging the WCPFC, in accordance with the precautionary principle, to refrain from taking actions based on the results of new assessments, which could lead to irreparable damage to the WCPO bigeye stock.”, and so on. >>more

No.65 OCTOBER 2018
Articles include “The Atlantic bigeye stock further deteriorated. ICCAT is urged to realize the recovery of productivity of the stock as a priority by introducing strengthened measures that are effective enough to reduce fishing mortality of small bigeye tunas, along with a reduction of the total removal from the stock.”, and so on. >>more

No.63 / 64 FEBRUARY 2018/MARCH 2018
Articles include “Fishing Vessels less than 100GT and 12m in length overall and larger can be assigned with an IMO number. Tuna related RFMOs are urged to utilize this new scheme for strengthening fishing vessel identifying and tracking mechanism as soon as possible.”, and so on. >>more

No.61 / 62 SEPTEMBER 2017/OCTOBER 2017
Articles include “OPRT calls for fair and effective measures to be established and implemented without delay to realize the recovery of the WCPO bigeye stock, and for the major uncertainties in the latest assessment for this stock to be resolved swiftly so that an improved assessment will be available as soon as possible”, and so on. >>more

No.60 MARCH 2017
Articles include “Extension of the closure period for purse seine operations from 61 to 87 days was not agreed Catch limits for bigeye and yellowfin combined were introduced for the purse seine fishery. -The 91st Meeting of the Commission (Extraordinary)-”, and so on. >>more

No.58 / 59 DECEMBER 2016/JANUARY 2017
Articles include “CCSBT decided to increase annual TAC for 2018-2020 – A 3,000t increase from the 2017 level –”, and so on. >>more

No.57 SEPTEMBER 2016
Articles include “OPRT calls for fair and effective measures be adopted and implemented without delay to realize the recovery of the WCPO bigeye stock”, and so on. >>more

No.56 MARCH 2016
Articles include “Urgent Action for recovery of bigeye stocks called for by the Representative of the Tsukiji Intermediate Wholesalers”, and so on. >>more

No.54 / 55 DECEMBER 2015/JANUARY 2016
Articles include “WCPFC 12 failed to establish new measures responding to SC’s stock assesment and recommendations for WCPO bigeye”, and so on. >>more

No.53 AUGUST 2015
Articles include “For the recovery of the Bigeye stock in the WCPO, OPRT called for effective actions by the WCPFC”, and so on. >>more

No.52 MARCH 2015
Articles include “Stock management of juvenile Pacific bluefin tuna gets started”, ”Implication of success in Pacific bluefin spawning in land tanks under artificial control”, and so on. >>more

No.51 DECEMBER 2014
Articles include “CCSBT decides to increase annual TAC for 2015-2017””Tuna issues discussed at ICFA”, and so on. >>more

No.50 SEPTEMBER 2014
Articles include “WCPO bigeye tuna””EDITORIAL”, “Skipjack migration routes” and so on. >>more

No.49 JULY 2014
Articles include “OPRT Letter to WCPFC””OPRT Seminar”, “Seabird conservation” and so on. >>more

No.48 FEBRUARY 2014
Articles include “ICCAT’s mandatory use of stereoscopic video camera ””Issue of south Pacific albacore”, “Seabird conservation” and so on. >>more

No.47 DECEMBER 2013
Articles include “Stereoscopic camera and SBT farming”, “Excessive fishing capacity issue at WCPFC”,”Report of the current China’s Tuna Fisheries “, and so on. >>more

No.46 NOVEMBER 2013
OPRT Newsletter International published today. Articles include, “ CCSBT increases southern bluefin catch”, “

several topics regarding WCPFC tuna management”, “Dr.Miyake’s tuna chat” and so on. >>more

No.45 AUGUST 2013
The main feature is the issue concerning WCPFC tuna management. Also articles includes Jiro’s critical eye covering “recovery of sea turtles, “Overfishing of Albacore in Indian Ocean” and so on. >>more

No.44 MAY 2013
The articles include “ bluefin tuna spawnig facility on-stream”,”status of international resources by FRA report”, “new OPRT member” and so on. >>more

No.43 FEB 2013
Main articles are issues in the CITES COP16 scheduled in Bangkok from March 3 to 14, and overfishing of bigeye in WCPFC and so forth. >>more

No.42 DEC 2012
The articles include “WCPFC 9 ended with stalemate by Dr.Suzuki”,“Tagging project for 0-year old Pacific bluefin tuna” and so forth. >>more

No.41 OCT 2012
The articles include the results of annual meeting of ICCAT and CCSBT, Jiro’s critical eye, Dr.Miyake’s Tuna chat and so forth. >>more

No.40 AUG 2012
Articles include OPRT letter to WCPFC, Joint Statement with EU on elimination of IUU fishing, Export-oriented bluefin tuna farming and so forth. >>more

No.39 JUN 2012
Articles include “Iinterview with Fiji Tuna Boat Owners Association”,”Defending FADs is good or bad?” and so on. >>more

No.38 MAY 2012
Articles include “genetic research on bluefin tuna in progress”,”Potential China’s sashimi market”, “Vanuatu joins OPRT” and so forth. >>more

No.37 MAR 2012
Featuring a verification of PITIA statement regarding increase in small-scale longliners in the South Pacific. >>more

No.36 DEC 2011
Serious concern is rising over rapid buildup of the Southern Long Line Fleet etc. >>more

No.35 OCT 2011
Featuring toward improvement of IUCN Red List etc. >>more

No.34 AUG 2011
Articles include the result of Joint RFMO meeting,IUCN Red List and tunas,Pacific bluefin tuna issue etc. >>more

No.33 JUN 2011
Featuring seafood safety and radioactive materials, over fishing capacity issue in WCPO, reinforcement of DNT test etc. >>more

No.32 MAY 2011
Featuring reports on the Earthquake and Tsunami attacked the Pacific coast of eastern Japan on March 11, 2011.
Taking this opportunity, OPRT would like to express its hearty appreciation for words of sympathy by many people in the world. >>more

No.31 MAR 2011
Technology to have mackerrel spawn tuna Interview with tuna researcher
in OPRT Newsletter International No.31 published today. Articles also include

control of farmed tuna in Japan, new members of OPRT etc. >>more

No.30 DEC 2010
OPRT publishes Newsletter International No.30 today.Top article is a report concerning possible decline of skipjack in WCPO by Dr.Suzuki. Also included.is Japan China Cooperation in restricting purse seine capacity.>> more

No.29 AUG 2010
Featuring issues of over fishing capacity. Articles including a unique study by Dr.Sun on economic value of purse seining and longlining, Japan’s proposal of 20 % cutback of purse seiners.>> more

No.28 MAY 2010
Articles include forefront of tuna research in Japan, CITES on Atlantic Bluefin Tuna, Pacific bluefin tuna management to be reinforced etc.>> more

No.27 MAR 2010
Why ban of the trade in Atlantic bluefin tuna now?
- Questions about scientific basis ->>more

No.26 FEB 2010
Features Atlantic Bluefin Tuna and CITES. >>more

No.25 OCT 2009
Articles include “sharp increase of super purseiners in WCPO”,” a big step to full-cycle bluefin tuna farming? etc. >>more

No.24 JUN 2009
Responsible tuna fisheries by OPRT is assuming greater importance ? OPRT appeals the need to control overfishing capacity at its General Meeting ? >>more

No.23 JUN 2009
In this issue, OPRT interviewed Prof. Taneko Suzuki, who is an authority
on nutrition science, on useful information on tasty and healthy tunas.

No.22 MAR 2009
-Articles include interview with Dr.Miyake on the need to reduce fishing
capacity, challenge to IUU fishing, the world’s first full bluefin tuna
culture etc. >>more

No.21 JAN 2009
OPRT publishes Newsletter International No.21 today.
- Interview with WCPFC Executive Secretary tells the hardest decision by RFMO >>more

No.20 AUG 2008
OPRT Newsletter international No.20 carries the articles concerning suspension of tuna fishing. overfishing capacity , DNA test etc.
Click here for details. >>more

No.19 MAY 2008
Topics include the result of ICCAT Meeting of Managers and Stakeholders in Tokyo, Scrapping of tuna longliners of Chinese Taipei etc.>>more

No.18 JAN 2008
Main subject is a report of new devise for tuna farming management. Topics include shipping of fully- cultured juvenile bluefin.>>more

No.17 DEC 2007
Global warming – Warning from marine life- by Sanae Chiba. “Red light ? ICCAT bluefin tuna stock rebuilding plan ” is another feature.>>more

No.16 OCT 2007
Culture of 1 million tons of tunas envisioned in Japan’s EEZ>>more

No.15 JULY 2007
Control of T una Fishing Capacity
-Dr.Jiro Suzuki urges to form an international consensus on the reduction of tune fishing capacity. >>more

No.14 MAY 2007
Tuna is health food
-Selenium in Tuna Protects Against Mercury>>more

No.13 MARCH 2007
Joint Tuna RFMOs in Kobe
-The Course of Actions Adopted to Improve Management of Tuna Stocks >>more

No. 12 DECEMBER 2006
IATTC Workshop Recommends Substantial Reduction of Existing Fishing Capacity by all Tuna RFMOs

No. 11 SEPTEMBER 2006
Chinese Taipei Reduces 194 Tuna Longline Fishing Vessels >>more

No.10 MARCH 2006
Why Do We Have to Control the Global Fishing Capacity? >>more

No.9 JANUARY 2006
Crisis for Tuna Resources Triggered by Biased Scientific Paper
- An argument over Myers Paper- … >>more

No.8 OCTOBER 2005
Tuna Fishers’ Initiative for Responsible Fishing
- The International Tuna Fisers Conference … >>more

No.7 JULY 2005
The International Tuna Fishers Conference on Responsible Fisheries and
the 3rd International Fishers Forum in Yokohama
- All stakeholders, including tuna fishers, … >>more

No.6 DECEMBER 2004
ICFA Supports Responsible Tuna Longlining and
OPRT ‘s Continued Efforts- Voice of the world’s commecial fish … >>more

In the Future of Tuna Resources Ensured?
- Toward conversation and management- … >>more

No.4 JUNE 2004
Warning Against Rapidly Expanding Tuna Farming
- Interview with Dr. Makoto Miyake – … >>more

No.3 FEBRUARY 2004
Public Should Be Informed about Actual State of Tuna Resources… >>more

Governments Fishing Industry Renew Their Strong Will to Promote Responsible
Management… >>more

No.1 JULY 2003
China, Japan Strengthen Ties of Cooperation for responsible Tuna Fisheries…

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