Number of OPRT’s registered vessels

 Members   Mar 2023
Japan  151
  Japan Tuna Fisheries Cooperative Association

National Ocean Tuna Fishery Association

National Offshore Tuna Fisheris Association 
Taiwan Deep Sea Tuna long-Line Boatowners and Exporters Association  296
Korea Overseas Fisheries Association

(Tuna Longline Fisheries Committee)
 Philippine International Tuna longline Association 6
 Indonesia Tuna Association (ASTUIN) 8
 China Overseas Fisheries Association 222
 FUNDATUNA (Ecuador)  7
 Deepsea Fisheries Management Ltd. of Republic of Seychelles 50
 Federated States of Micronesia National Offshore Fisheries Association 1
 Tuvalu Tuna Association 0
 Nareau Tuna Boat Owners Association Inc. of Republic of Kiribati 1
 Marshall Islands Tuna Fisheries Association 0
 Ming Dar Fishery (Vanuatu) Co., Ltd. 55
 Cook Island Commercial Fishing Association Inc. 0
 Total 900
 Supporting Members 0
 Grand Total 900