National Offshore Tuna Fisheries Assocation (Japan)

Name of Organization
  National Offshore Tuna Fisheries Association (Japan)
Date of establishment
  December 24,1982
Major purpose
  To ensure business stability for members and sound development of the offshore skipjack and tuna fishing industry, which supplies the important protein to the national, through improving the industry’s structure, securing the fishing grounds, development of the technology, etc., thereby to contribute to the development of the fishing industry.
  Organizations consisted of skipjack and tuna fishermen who operate a fishing vessel less than 120 gross tonnages (including some vessels over 120 gross tonnages). (19 members)
Main activities 
1) Business related to guidance to enhance socio-economic status of members.

2) Business related to improvement of the industrial structure, business stability, survey and research as well as development of technology.

3) Business related to securing overseas fishing grounds etc.