Korea Overseas Fisheries Association (Tuna Long-Line Fisheries Committee)

Name of Organization
  Korea Overseas Fisheries Association (Tuna Long-Line Fisheries Committee)
Date of establishment
 June 4,1964
Major purpose
  To contribute to the sustainable use and effective conservation of living marine resources by implementing a national, regional and international commitment for responsible tuna fisheries. To develop and improve members’ maximum profits in both economic and social well-being terms by helping them in production, processing and marketing, etc.
  Those who have more than one large-scale tuna longliner(s) duly authorized to fish in distant waters by Government, and they should observe Committee’s rules, policies and guidelines. (27 companies)
Main activities 
1) Planning and making policies of the sustainable and long-term fisheries-based objectives through exchange of views among members.

2) Strengthening cooperation with regional and international fisheries bodies.

3) Securing fishing ground access rights through cooperating and negotiating with coastal states etc.
  Committee has been making efforts to promote tuna consumption in domestic market.