Foundation for the Promotion of Resposible Tuna Fisheries (Ecuador) (FUNDATUNA)

Name of Organization
  Foundation for the Promotion of Responsible Tuna Fisheries
Date of establishment
  August 15, 2003
Major purpose
To contribute the development of responsible tuna fisheries

To promote sustainable use of tuna resources through conservation and sustainable use of tunas and tuna-like species

To maintain and develop sound tuna market

To promote international cooperation among all stake holders.
A party who signed the letter of intent to establish FUNDATUNA

A party whose application of the enrolement is approved by the Board Meeting (3 companies are members as of February 2004.)
Main activities 
To promote understanding on the purpose of FUNDATUNA and the FAO’s Code of Conduct for responsible Tuna Fisheries and its relevant International Plan of Actions.

To implement the International Plan of Actions adopted by FAO COFI, i.e, the Plan to deter, prevent and eliminate IUU fishing and also the Plan for the managment of fishing capacity.