Kobe, January 22-26,2007

The Organization for the Promotion of Responsible Tuna Fisheries (OPRT) and the World Tuna Purse Seine Organization (WTPO) who are committed to responsible tuna fisheries for the sustainability of tuna stocks,

Concerned about the stock status of the world tuna resources being exploited close to, or over the level capable of producing the maximum sustainable yield, and recognizing that Tuna RFMOs recommended that a reduction in the catches or fishing effort on bigeye and yellowfin tunas should be implemented as soon as possible;

Being aware with grave concern that the Tuna fishing capacity has been growing;

Acknowledging that the excess fishing capacity makes it more difficult for RFMOs to implement effective conservation and management measures for the fisheries;

Recognizing that 2006 FAO Workshop on the Management of Fishing Capacity recommended that immediate moratorium on the entry of additional large scale tuna vessels should be implemented;

Resolve to take a leadership to conserve the tuna resources and its rational utilization;

Well resolved to contribute to the optimal and sustainable exploitation and utilization of tuna resources, through the application of effective conservation and management measures, in full cooperation with the tuna RFMOs:

Call for the Joint Tuna Regional Fisheries Management Organizations Meeting to adopt measures necessary to ensure that total tuna fishing capacity shall not increase above current level on a global basis.

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WTPO Secretariat(2006-2007) address :

Mr. Jong Koo, Lee
Acting Chairman
6TH fl. Samho-Center bldg. “A”,
Yangjae-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea
Tel No.: +822 589-1615
Fax No.: +822 589-1630 or 1631
email: yeonjib@kodefa.or.kr

OPRT Secretariat address :

Mr. Yuichiro Harada
Managing Director
9TH fl. Sankaido bldg. 9-13
Akasaka1-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Tel No.: +813 3568 6388
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email: harada@oprt.or.jp