Goya’s Black paintings (Pinturas negras)

My memories of ICCAT Commission Meetings are deeply associated with the famous paintings of Goya, especially with a group of his “Black paintings” in Madrid’s Prado Museum. These depressing and grotesque paintings are not pleasant to me. However, they cause unforgettable strong impression how human beings are stupid, brutal and hopeless to be saved. During the Commission meetings that often held in Madrid, I dared to go there to watch these paintings whenever spare time was available. Conflict of national interests, illogical disputes and neglect of scientific advices I observed during the ICCAT meetings were almost depicted in a series of Black paintings. Whenever I saw these pictures, I felt a clear message, saying that “Do not turn away your eyes from these paintings, This is life you must face and think yourself about how to live with this ugly world”. Thus, I was released from depression caused by the meetings. Black pictures still attracts peoples from all over the world. I still need to see them during the ICCAT meeting.