Jiro’s Critical Eye

Dr.Jiro SUZUKI is a leading tuna scientist who had workded for National Research Institute of Far Sea Fisehreis in Japan for more than 30 years.
He has particiapted the scientific meetings of all tuna RFMOs and various other meetings related to tuna fisheries. His critical eye to the issues of tuna resources management as a scientist is appreciated internationally as a viivid and constructive voice..
> Scientific paper on merits and demerits of drifting fish aggregating devices in tuna fisheries 2023/8/18
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> Problems in bluefin aquaculture-need to increase effective utilization of stereoscopic cameras 2019/3/29
> Reflections on Application of “Precautionary Approach” 2017/11/1
> Implication of success in Pacific bluefin spawning in land tanks under artificial control 2015/4/3
> Urgent need for use of stereoscopic cameras in southern bluefin tuna farming 2013/12/26
> Rising concern for overfishing of Albacore in the Indian Ocean – Need for control of small longliners - 2013/ 8/22
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