Global Tuna Supply & Sashimi Tuna

Global Consumption of Tuna & Sashimi Tuna

Amount of tunas consumed worldwide (Conversion based on whole fish)

Japan is the world’s largest consumer of tuna

Japan consumes a quarter of the global tuna catch, mostly for sashimi use.

Trends of Sashimi Tuna Supply to Japanese Market

From 1985 through 1995, there was a dramatic increase of import. Import clearly exceeded the amount of tunas domestically supplied. Recently, import has been declining.

Number of countries exporting tuna to Japan
1985 33 countries
2002 70 countries
2004 54 countries
2006 58 countries
2008 56 countries

More than a 50% sashimi tuna consumed in Japan has been imported
from foreign countries such as Chinese Taipei, Korea and China.

Supply of Sashimi Tuna (frozen / fresh)To Japan

※Excluded Albacore
  Weight is based gilled and gutted product.