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China’s sashimi market -Developing potentiality is strong

- Professor Xiabo -

The trend of sashimi tuna market in eastern Asia was reported by Professor Lou Xiabo, Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology at the OPRT seminar for its members on May 16. He analyzed the trend using various statistics and information.

He estimated the market in Taiwan, Korea and China is expanding, standing at 8,000 tons, 20,000 tons and 10,000 tons, respectively, in 2011 although no official data are available.
“China has the largest potentiality to develop its sashimi market in the future, if a cold chain supplying frozen sashimi tuna could be developed and if carbon monoxide treated tuna (CO-treated tuna) could be eliminated from the market”, Professor Xiabo said. CO-treated tuna gives a false impression about the freshness of the fish but it is neither fresh nor tasty. CO-treated tuna will not create real sashimi tuna market. Japan prohibits sales of CO-treated tunas to prevent the health risk to consumers.