OPRT Activities through Photos

Archives 2012
EU Commissioner meets JFA President and talks on the issue of over fishing capacity.
Toshiro Shirasu, president of Japan Fisheries Association(JFA) and Maria Damanaki, European Commissioner for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries at JFA president office.
OPRT collects data from SBT tags.
OPRT staff collecting data from the tag of Southern Bluefin Tuna. Fresh Southern Bluefin Tuna with a yellow tag air borne from New Zealand.
Inspection of tunas imported for preventing IUU fishing.
Inspection of tunas carried by a freezer truck. Sorting by species and weight.
Sampling for DNA test.
OPRT General Meeting (17 May, 2012 Tokyo)
Congratulatory address by Mr. Miyahara, Deputy Director General , Fisheries Agency of Japan
OPRT members meeting (16 May, 2012 Tokyo) Views exchanged on the WCPFC tuna management.
Dr. Jiro Suzuki reported the result of the last WCPFC Annual Meeting on March.
OPRT seminar (16 May, 2012 Tokyo) Lecture by Professor Lou Xiaobo, Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology on the trend of sashimi tuna market in Japan, Taiwan, Korea and China.
Archives 2011
DNA test for prevention of IUU fishing
Freezing of Super Purse Sein Fishing capacity was proposed. Ms.Ozaki,OPRT Rep (Certer) with Kobe III participants.
The third joint meeting of Tuna Regional Fisheries Management Organizations (Kobe III) was held in La Jolla, Carifornia(USA), 12-14 July 2011
Freezing of Super Purse Sein Fishing capacity was proposed. Ms.Ozaki,OPRT Rep (Certer) with Kobe III participants.
OPRT participated IATTC meeting in La Jolla, Carifornia(USA), 4-8 July 2011
21 parties and territories participated to resolve concervation of tunas in the Eastern Pacific. OPRT documents distributed during the meeting.
OPRT monitors southern bluefin tuna tagged in Tsukiji Fish Market, entrusted by Fisheries Agency of Japan.
OPRT staff is monitoring SBT and the tag information. A fresh SBT trasnported by air with a required tag attached.
OPRT participated the annual meeting of Indian Ocean Tuna Comission.(11-18 March , Columbo, Sri Lanka)
24 members, cooperative non-members and observers participated. OPRT members from Taiwan, Seyshell and Philippines.
FAO Committee on Fisheries, 29th Session(Rome, 31 Jan.- 4 Feb.2011)
OPRT participated to monitor the progress of International Plan of Action
Archives 2010
WCPFC annual meeting (6-10 Dec. 2010, Honolulu, Hawaii)
Ms. Ozaki(OPRT representative, 2nd from the right), and the participants
ICCAT annual meeting (18-27 Nov. 2010, Paris)
Mr. Driss Meski (2nd from left), ICCAT executive secretary and OPRT delegates
International Forum – Measures against Somalia piracy (7 Oct. 2010, Tokyo) organized by Ocean Policy Research Foundation
Representaitves of 5 states neighboring Somalia and an IMO official reported the sistuation
5th International Fishers Forum (3-5 Aug, 2010, Taipei, Taiwan)
Taipei declaration adopted to promote responsible fisheries
Workshop on RFMO Management of Tuna Fisheries (29 June-1 July, 2010, Brisbane, Australia)
Ms. Ozaki presented on “The present and the future of International Tuna Longline Fishing Industry)
OPRT Seminar (23 June,2010, Tokyo)
How to solve overfishing capacity. Lectured by Dr. Peter Miyake