OPRT Activities

Traders, distributors and consumers in Japan, the world’s largest tuna market, work together with tuna producers of the world and engage in the following activities for the sustainable use of the limited tuna resources.

OPRT promotes restraint of the increase in the number of large-scale tuna longliners in the world to prevent over exploitation of tuna resources. 
 OPRT promotes the use of wild, frozen and sashimi tuna caught by vessels that engage in responsible tuna fisheries.
 OPRT surveys the actual state of production of tuna imported into Japan for the prevention of IUU/FOC fishing practices.
 OPRT collaborates, cooperates, and exchanges information with international organizations and governments of related countries for the conservation and management of tuna resources.
 OPRT promotes cooperative relationships of all the parties involved in the production, trade, distribution, and consumption of tuna resources.
 OPRT promotes implementation of necessary measures for the protection of sea birds and sea turtles that are incidentally caught in commercial fishing operations.
 What is IUU/FOC vessels?

IUU/FOC vessels are pirate fishing vessels that operate and overexploit tuna resources, disregarding international rules for the conservation and management of the resources. With the introduction of the Positive List system, international trading of tuna caught by IUU/FOC vessels has been prohibited since November 2003.

(IUU : the acronym for illegal, unregulated and unreported fishing vessels)

(FOC: the acronym for flag-of-convenience fishing vessels)