Oct.10th is the Day for Tunas.

OPRT's seal to promote the Day in Japan.
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Holistic approach is crucial for seabird

In some fishing grounds, incidental takes of seabirds chasing bait fish happen during tuna longline operations. Longline fishermen have long been taking steps to avoid the seabird incidental take as it hampers their fishing operations. Ideas and efforts of crew have been accumulated in developing wa…Read more…>>

ICCAT strengthens mandatory use of stereoscopic

Jiro Suzuki, Tuna Biologist Introduction Stock recovery of the eastern Atlantic bluefin tuna has been confirmed by the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas (ICCAT) scientific committee, the Standing Committee on Research and Statistics (SCRS), resulting in a flood of bluef…Read more…>>

Current Situation of China’s Tuna Fisheries

OPRT held its second seminar in Tokyo on Nov.15, reporting the result of the study mission dispatched to China, last August, by OPRT. Professor Lou Xiabo, Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology, who participated in the mission, reported that the current demand of the sashimi – grade…Read more…>>

The scientific committee of Western Central Pacific Fisheries Commission (WCPFC) reported last year that “Pacific Island domestic fleets, which are dependent on albacore, continue to experience diminishing CPUE-catch per unit effort, thereby affecting profitability and in many cases, survival. Accor…Read more…>>