OPRT is supported by all those parties involved with production, trade, distribution and consumption of tunas.


1. Japan Tuna Fisheries Cooperative Association
2. National Ocean Tuna Fishery Association (Japan)
3. National Offshore Tuna Fisheries Association (Japan)
4. Taiwan Deep Sea Tuna Long-Line Boatowners And Exporters Association
5. Korea Overseas Fisheries Association
(Tuna Long-Line Fisheries Committee)
6. Philippine International Tuna Longline Association
7. Indonesia Tuna Association (ASTUIN)
8. China Overseas Fisheries Association
9. Foundation for the Promotion of Responsible Tuna Fisheries (Ecuador) (FUNDATUNA)
10. Deepsea Fisheries Management Ltd. of Republic of Seychelles
11. Federated States of Micronesia National Offshore Fisheries Association (FSM-NOFA)
12. Tuvalu Tuna Association
13. Nareau Tuna Boat Owners Association Inc. of Republic of Kiribati
14. Marshall Islands Tuna Fisheries Association
15. Ming Dar Fishery (Vanuatu) Co., Ltd.
16. Cook Islands Commercial Fishing Association Inc.

Trade and Distributor Organizations

17. All Japan Fish Wholesalers’ Union of Central Wholesale Market
18. National Federation of Middle Wholesaler’s Association for Aquatic Products (All Japan Fish Brokers Union)
19. All Japan Fish Retailers Union

Consumers Organization

20. National Liaison Committee of Consumer’s Organization

Public Corporations

21. Overseas Fishery Cooperation Foundation
22. Japan Fisheries Association
23. Japan Fisheries Resource Conservation Association