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2017/3/31 Articles include “Extension of the closure period for purse seine operations from 61 to 87 days was not agreed Catch limits for bigeye and yellowfin combined were introduced for the purse seine fishery. -The 91st Meeting of the Commission (Extraordinary)-” and so on.(Click here)

2017/2/1 Articles include “CCSBT decided to increase annual TAC for 2018-2020 – A 3,000t increase from the 2017 level –” and so on.(Click here)

2016/9/30 Articles include “OPRT calls for fair and effective measures be adopted and implemented without delay to realize the recovery of the WCPO bigeye stock” and so on.(Click here)

2016/3/31 Articles include “Urgent Action for recovery of bigeye stocks called for by the Representative of the Tsukiji Intermediate Wholesalers” and so on.(Click here)

2016/1/29 Articles include “WCPFC 12 failed to establish new measures responding to SC’s stock assesment and recommendations for WCPO bigeye” and so on.(Click here)

2015/8/26 Articles include “For the recovery of the Bigeye stock in the WCPO, OPRT called for effective actions by the WCPFC” and so on.(Click here)

2015/4/3 Articles include “Stock management of juvenile Pacific bluefin tuna gets started” and so on.(Click here)

2014/12/25 Articles include “CCSBT decides to increase annual TAC for 2015-2017” and so on.(Click here)

2014/ 9/30 Articles include “WCPO bigeye tuna””EDITORIAL”, “Skipjack migration routes” and so on.(Click here)

2014/ 7/31 Articles include “OPRT Letter to WCPFC””OPRT Seminar”, “Seabird conservation” and so on. (Click here)