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2017/2/1 Articles include “CCSBT decided to increase annual TAC for 2018-2020 – A 3,000t increase from the 2017 level –” and so on.(Click here)

2016/9/30 Articles include “OPRT calls for fair and effective measures be adopted and implemented without delay to realize the recovery of the WCPO bigeye stock” and so on.(Click here)

2016/3/31 Articles include “Urgent Action for recovery of bigeye stocks called for by the Representative of the Tsukiji Intermediate Wholesalers” and so on.(Click here)

2016/1/29 Articles include “WCPFC 12 failed to establish new measures responding to SC’s stock assesment and recommendations for WCPO bigeye” and so on.(Click here)

2015/8/26 Articles include “For the recovery of the Bigeye stock in the WCPO, OPRT called for effective actions by the WCPFC” and so on.(Click here)

2015/4/3 Articles include “Stock management of juvenile Pacific bluefin tuna gets started” and so on.(Click here)

2014/12/25 Articles include “CCSBT decides to increase annual TAC for 2015-2017” and so on.(Click here)

2014/ 9/30 Articles include “WCPO bigeye tuna””EDITORIAL”, “Skipjack migration routes” and so on.(Click here)

2014/ 7/31 Articles include “OPRT Letter to WCPFC””OPRT Seminar”, “Seabird conservation” and so on. (Click here)

2014/ 3/ 7 WCPFC members are required to address to the special requirements of the SIDs. It drives changes on far seas tuna fishery of the developed countries. (…Read more…>> )