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2022/1/5 Articles include “OPRT Seminar on NOAA’s Report to Congress on International Fisheries held in November”.(Click here)

2021/11/24 Articles include “ ‘October 10 is the Day of Tuna’ Campaign 2021″ and “Problems in farming of Atlantic bluefin tuna”.(Click here)

2021/10/20 Articles include “Forced labor issues attracting more international attention” and “Mystery of Atlantic bluefin tuna migration”.(Click here)

2021/9/13 Articles include “OPRT Seminar on IUU held in March 2021” and “New traceability scheme for fishery products in Japan”.(Click here)

2021/7/29 The OPRT adopted two Resolutions at its General Meeting held on June 22, 2021. One is “Resolution to end IUU fishing” and another is “Resolution to urge to recover Bigeye tuna stocks”.(Click here) The OPRT forwarded these Resolutions to 4 tuna-RFMOs (ICCAT, IOTC, WCPFC and IATTC) and FAO a…Read more…>>

2021/7/29 The number of OPRT’s registered vessels has been updated as of March 2021.(Click here)

2021/3/31 Articles include “Dates and venues/modes for annual meetings of t-RFMOs in 2021, and respective major issues need to be settled immediately” and so on.(Click here)

2020/3/31 Articles include “Can purse seine fisheries targeting skipjack co-exist with the sustainability of bigeye stocks?” and so on.(Click here)

2020/2/28 Articles include “Progress was made for tropical tuna measures including reduced TAC for bigeye tuna at the 2019 Annual Meeting but many elements including measure for yellowfin tuna conservation remain undecided and need further deliberations and determinations.” and so on.(Click here)

2019/7/19 Articles include “The 94th Meeting of IATTC is urged to seriously consider IATTC Staff’s advice and to adopt effective measures without delay, in order to cope with the recent increase in FAD setting by purse seiners in the EPO.” and so on.(Click here)